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Critique comment:: Hi, random person here, who happens to be an animator. That being said, I love to see animators learn from each othe...


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I'm here for the image dump


Portrait 71
Ey boys, I heard communism is popular with the liberal arts kiddos. I bet this one's a winner. Maybe if I ask her to share her earring wealth, I don't have to squat on the side of the train station and wait for government grain anymore. Plus, she'll be poor enough to squat next to me when there are no more earrings.
"Enjoying your Oktober, comrade?" 
And I know I ain't gotta ticket, but shoo wee. I'm getting on that train. I try to grab a seat by her before the conductor comes out for tickets and I'm then taken to the cattle car for the rest of the trip, or worse, thrown off when we slow down by a crossing. I haven't got much time, and I know I shouldn't waste it by asking about her purple hair. But before I'm able to speak, she knows exactly what I wanted to hear.
"Why do you wait and drink vodka on the side of the station for government grain, slav? Wouldn't it be better for the strength of our economy if you worked and bought it from a farmer instead?"
I didn't know there was such a thing as farmer grain. You mean a farmer doesn't need an KGB over his shoulder to make him give me grain? That KGB can just let him own the land he works on, and he'll let me buy his grain?... I'm marrying this woman. I've never been so in love. We're moving to America, holy capitalist ideals gas mask man. I'm smitten.
"America? Where they let you speak out against government policy publicly? I heard a comedian there, cut of the head of her president in a social media post. How gore-ish. And everyone there uses this power to say such hateful things to each other. Would you really be willing to live like that?"
My feelings don't hurt like my hunger does. I hear some Chinese comrades fled to Mother Taiwan when they were asked that question. I heard their Maoist friends then killed all the birds in China, and then the locus came and ate all their Chinese Government grain. Then government make them melt their farm equipment into pig iron. Then a lot of them died, or something. 45 million deaths, I don't know.

My ancestors joined the American experiment during the American civil war, so I'm biased. One of my great grandfather's sisters was left behind in Russia because she was living with her aunt and uncle. She herself left for Germany at some point and her offspring are the only people we've made contact with from the homeland. But we've been unable to make connection to anyone else. We just know they lived in the Volga area, a part of the country that lost 5 million people to starvation after the first world war. We assume they must have all died at that point. When I looked it up on wikipedia I was disgusted to hear hear Lenin thinks the "rich peasants" were selfish for trying to withhold their grain from his government thugs... I guess if I had gone to art school, I'd be singing a different tune, huh?

This art wasn't meant to be politically charged though, I just like drawing pretty girls. The family history stuff was just on my mind when I was uploading. Going over the family Bible will do that to a guy. smh. Whiny white people, amirite?

2/10, would get thrown off the train a second time.
Just About Maverick
This is like a dog pile of a lot of ideas you hang onto. Gameboy Pocket colors, tetris, the cartoon football jock aesthetic, dodecahedrons have less sides than I remember as a kid, let's go with a truncated icosahedron instead.

I'm getting better at drawing straight up inside the computer. In the past I've ALWAYS sketched an idea out on paper, before scanning it in and refining it in photoshop. But this time round yuh, no sketch. I think going with an inhuman character really helps with this, because any failures can be chocked up to... "Oh it's fantasy, maybe this error is just what he's supposed to look like." So maybe, I haven't actually gotten better of having a sense of proportions and space with a computer monitor yet. A real test would be to try and draw a cute LAYDEEEE. yeh. Maybe someday...

"Lemme smell yur hair... plz..."
It's just your every day goat girl
Is it nsfw? I don't think so. I mean maybe. I guess if I get a comment saying they think it is, then yeah, I'll put it on nsfw. For Goat Girl's own protection.

BUT ANYWAY. yaw dude. I did this live for a LAN party. and the general consensus was. "Not cute". Tsk. damn. I don't even know what's real anymore. What is cute? I thought cute was about being cute on the inside, not on the outside. QQ. Beneath those hellish pupils is a cute goat, I swur. Believe me. Maybe the cotton tail doesn't have enough floof? Shoot. Why do I even try. XD
Sorry Matt
Not my usual thing. I was doing this for a friend. If I had a Patreon, I would consider him a "Wew Lad" supporter, even if he didn't actually subscribe.

Anyway. I think this might be more his style. At least I'm making an effort to cater to his tastes. Hopefully I succeeded. I mean, I don't feel a pulse on the brony fandom, so I'll trust you to tell me if I hit it out of the park or not. ETCH.

UPDATE:: Fuck I got it wrong. He didn't like it. Matt didn't like it. He didn't like it. I fucked up. I hurt him. Oh god. I'm shutting down the patreon no more patreon money!
I D O N ' T G E T I T
Welcome to Dresden

So like... The vaporwave color pallet is fun to work with and all. And that's what I have to say about it. This explains the lack of dolphins and palm trees, because I only like the feel. I didn't want to ape the genre. Or maybe jump into the genre is a better way of putting it?... I don't enjoy the music, is actually the best way to put it. Forget your read the earlier stuff. Yeh. I just like the colors.


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